Laboratory set "Optics and quantum physics"

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The laboratory set «Optics and Quantum Physics» is intended for use in general secondary and higher educational establishments, laboratories and physics offices, for teacher and students during performing a demonstration experiment on a physical practice in the study of sections of optics and quantum physics in accordance with current curriculum Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on Physics.

It allows to acquaint students with the basic provisions of optical and quantum theory, checking the laws of reflection of light, studying the laws of reflection and refraction of light, studying the foundations of photometry, studying the phenomenon of polarization of light, and so on. It develops experimental and researching student skills.

This set is used in following laboratory work:

  1. Investigation of light reflection using a flat mirror
  2. Construction an image of an object in a flat mirror
  3. Investigation of light refraction
  4. Determination of refractive index of glass
  5. Determination of the focal length and optical force of a thin lens
  6. Obtaining an image using a lens
  7. Focal length determination of a thin lens using a lens formula
  8. Lens formula experimental study
  9. Investigate the image size of the objects that the lens gives
  10. Determination of the focal length and optical power of the dispersing lens
  11. Interference observation and light diffraction
  12. Observation of diffraction on a round hole
  13. Dispersion phenomenon investigation
  14. Determination of the light wave length
  15. Modeling of the visual tube and the microscope
  16. Investigation of the phenomenon of complete internal light reflection
  • pin – 4 pc.
  • luminary – 2 pc.
  • mirror – 1 pc.
  • screen – 1 pc.
  • rug – 1 pc.
  • long-focus lens collector – 1 pc.
  • short-focus lens collector – 1 pc.
  • optical lava – 1 pc.
  • stand – 1 pc.
  • prism – 1 pc.
  • slide frame – 2 pc.
  • connecting wire – 2 pc.
  • frame with diffraction gratings – 1 pc.
  • scattering lens – 1 pc.
  • kit for studying light polarization – 1 pc.
  • power supply – 1 pc.
  • laboratory works description – 1 pc.
  • storage box with bed (cradle) – 1 pc.


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