Laboratory set "Electricity and Magnetism"

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This set is intended for conducting of frontal laboratory works and works of the physical workshop on the section "Electricity and Magnetism" in laboratories and physics offices of secondary schools, vocational schools, colleges, preparatory departments of higher educational institutions.

This set is used in following laboratory work:

  1. Drafting of an electric scheme and measuring the amperage at its various point
  2. Measurement of voltage at different parts of the electric circuit
  3. Regulation of amperage by rheostat
  4. Determination of the resistance of the conductor with the aid of an ammeter and voltmeter
  5. Determination of the work and power of electric current
  6. Determination of the efficiency of the installation with an electric heater
  7. Drafting of an electromagnet and testing of its action
  8. Study of electric motor of direct current
  9. Determination of consumed electricity with the aid of ammeter, voltmeter and clock
  10. Determination of the specific resistance of the conductor
  11. Sequential and parallel connection of conductors
  12. Determination of electromotive force and internal resistance of a current source
  13. Observation of the action of a magnetic field on a current
  14. Electron charge measurement
  15. Sequence connection of conductors
  16. Parallel connection of conductors
  17. Regulation of current and voltage in circles of direct current
  18. Determination of the dependence from the illumination resistance of the semiconductor photoresistor and the photodiode
  19. Transistor parameters determination
  20. Measuring the resistance of the capacitor in circle of alternating current
  21. Determination of the energy of a charged capacitor
  22. Measuring the inductance of a coil in circle of alternating current
  23. Investigation of electric circuits with inductive, capacitive and active elements, determination of parameters of these elements
  24. Determination of the number of turns in the windings of the transformer
  25. Investigation of the temperature dependence of the resistance of the semiconductor
  26. Study of the volt ampere semiconductor diode characteristics
  27. Investigation of electric circle with semiconductor diode
  28. Expansion of measurement limits of an ammeter
  29. Expansion of measurement limits of the voltmeter
  30. Study of resonance in electric oscillatory circuit
  31. Study of the Ohm law for circle of alternating current
  32. Study of the dependence of the electric resistance on the length of the conductor and the area of its cross-section 
  • kit of transparent modules – 42 pc
  • commutative panel – 1 pc
  • set of connecting wires – 6 pc
  • galvanic cell holder – 1 pc
  • power supply – 1 pc
  • direct-current ammeter – 1 pc
  • alternating-current ammeter – 1 pc
  • direct-current voltmeter – 1 pc
  • alternating-current voltmeter -1 pc
  • milliammeter – 1pc
  • laboratory works description – 1 pc
  • box for storage – 2 pc.



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